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I am sure you are wondering why I call this work “executive coaching” and you might be asking "I'm not a high level executive at some big this even for me?" 

Yes! I believe that everyone is the executive of their own life. The actions you take in one area or department of your life can have an impact on all of the other departments you manage and the business of your life.

It is my belief that everyone will benefit from coaching, regardless of their professional or personal backgrounds. 


Since each client's needs vary, we develop a service package and pricing plan that is tailored to address your individualized goals. Sign up for a complimentary consultation to discuss in further detail.








For individuals  experiencing a life transition and who feel stuck or unsure of what they should do next. We work with clients who have  difficulty applying for jobs out of school, who are making a career change (or who want to but don’t know where to start), clients who are relocating to a new city and want to prioritize their next big action steps. This type of coaching is also for people who want to develop better personal skills and habits, or who are seeking more balance in their current life through implementing structure and processes that bring them ease in their day-to-day life, allowing them to focus on what really matters like their longer term goals.

For individuals seeking to strengthen their work performance, or for organizations wanting to support multiple employees. Examples of focus areas include: enhancing performance in current roles; identifying strengths and building skills with a goal of career progression: or assessing and improving leadership and communication abilities for those who manage teams.

For individuals that feel like burnout is nearing due to having either no system or, too many systems, in place to manage work responsibilities. Through our consulting services, clients receive help with process automation and recommendations for creating, implementing, and maintaining consolidated systems that work and last long term.  As a result, clients experience ease in their task prioritization, inbox and calendar management, app integration, and overall workflow.



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